Chapter 1: JSON (39:23)

In this chapter we will learn to create JSON files, load them up with the help of ES6 and a web-pack hook and then integrate them into a ReactJS component. By the end of this section you will know how to use JSON data in ES6 React components.

Length: 188:29

Target Learner:

  • JavaScript ES5 Developer with familiarity with ReactJS
  • With understanding of data types
  • And familiarity with server side( not a master at it).
  • Capabilities to install node/npm without our help if they are not setup.

Course learning goals:

  • Expose users to different types of data that can be ingested by react apps (web-service, xml, csv and mongodb).
  • Familiarize students with a few different visuals (charts, grids, and so forth)
  • Know how to create controllers (business logic) for react

Secondary learning goals:

  • Learning ReactJS ( nesting, props and state)
  • JSX/ES6
  • Structuring code derived out of MVC (controllers, views modules, utilities)

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