Pollyfills and other snobby terms

Programming like any other professional language is full of snobby terms that can scare the best of us. While we’d like to ignore many of these terms, many have important meanings. For example, take Pollyfills, are the continuation thought from the last section. When browsers fail and we expect them not to fail we need to create a shim - or a pollyfill to fill that hole of unexpected behaviors.

Note:In this course we will avoid talking about differences between browsers but we will touch upon it briefly in a later lecture.

One of the most wonderful things for developers nowadays is that, for the most part, you don't need to worry about browser compatibility and pollyfills as long as you're working with a third-party tool that fixes all those common issues. The two libraries that we will work with throughout this training are GSAP and jQuery. In the following few sections we'll introduce both of them.

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