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Over the last few years Dropbox became one of the most widely used cloud file sharing technologies. Dropbox comes with a powerful API enabling us to gain access to Dropbox. Opening the door to a new type of sites. Many fortune 500 companies are finding new and exciting ways to leverage Dropbox or as a means to share files or as a means to gather files from users.

One thing is clear: knowing how to work with the Dropbox PHP API will open the door to new work and strategy possibilities for you as a developer.

Benefits of using Dropbox as your information stash

While databases will continue being the best way to serve information to users they are not the optimal way to enable access to editors to edit content. The biggest downfall of content creation is that it is created usually in a text editor and is not formatted to fit your database. There must be a better way - we think we found a better way.

Dropbox can become a powerful means to give access to editors to edit content without giving them access to a database. More over then that, you can send the editors the exact formats they need to adhere to making it easier for them to work with native tools while not creating files that are not compatible to your system.

For example on 02GEEK we generate courses through our dropbox uploader tool where we keep the text documents, images and videos stored. When a course is ready or updated we click on a button and the content updates in our database. This makes it easier for me (a dyslexic guy) to send our copy out to editors or make small changes without needing to dig through database tables.

Knowing how to upload, download and work with Dropbox files with the help of the dropbox API will add an incredibly valuable skill to your toolset as a PHP developer.

Improve your skills

As i’ve taken this course myself over the last week and then made major updates to my site based on it i must say it upgraded my skills dramatically. I learned more about working with files then I have in years. This course is really fun and accessible and in no time you will have a brand new in demand skill. What’s best is that its really short and cuts through with live examples making this course a must for any PHP developer.

Empower your communication

We live in a age of communication. Knowing how to work with tools that enable you to stand out as a developer will elevate your value to the people that pay up. Building from scratch an admin tool is hard work and most of the time it just doesn’t match client expectations. This is an elegant solution that makes it easier for your client to gain direct control over the content in their site without needing to have a heavy technical background. When you communicate better you do better.

Have more options under your belt.

It’s rare when a 1 hour course can give you a new option that can actually be the thing that will tip a client to pick you over others. After taking this course i realized how wrong my strategy of content management has been to date.

One of the biggest headships for me is updating content as its just a process to deal even with a small copy change. log into the admin, find the page or element, edit, save ….

There must be a better way…. That’s how this course became the course that changed everything for us. Now when we have a copy change all i have to do is open the file in my local dropbox directory update it. and then once in a while do a sync to update the database. I can send documents for editing and still keep complete control over the database! now that’s powerful.

What will you learn?

During this course in PHP Dropbox API you will learn many things and among them:

  • Working with files in PHP
  • Setting up the Dropbox API
  • Uploading files to Dropbox
  • Downloading files from Dropbox
  • Overwriting files and modifying them.
  • Reading local directories and dropbox directories
  • and much more!

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Curated greats
Curated greats

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about the PHP Dropbox API?
Expanding your skills in just a few hours is common. This course will elevate your skills of working with files and working with cloud files. Two critically important skills that with your imagination can turn into powerful features on your site.
Why would this course elevate my architecture?
As the curator of this course I hand selected this title because I loved it. Simply put, The ideas presented in this course and enabled completely change the way I deliver content on my websites. Traditionally, every site needs to develop an admin tool or use a third party admin tool. Yet, these admin tools rarely work the way you want them to and you often need to modify them to get things to work. I hate this workflow. For one developing the admin tool takes a lot of time(mainly the visual side of things) and more over the workflow isn’t natural to copy editors. Each time i need to make a small update to the site i need to login to the admin tool, find the page make the change. This flow means to make small updates to content one must be the admin of the site. In reality i want to be able to send copy to an editor and have it uploaded with a click without them interacting directly with my site (safer that way and easier to manage). A better workflow can cut the admin tool out of the equation enabling you to push your content in a more user friendly format - transferable content that can be edited and then placed into your site. Now that’s a smarter solution!.
Should I take this course if I don't know PHP?
No. This course is for PHP developers and it intends to expand their skills. If you are not a PHP developer please check some of the other titles on our site.

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