Mastering ReactJS User Interfaces

Bootstrap 4.0, SASS & Animation with ReactJS.

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React is an incredibly popular part of modern full stack web development, and is a keystone of fluid SPAs (single page applications). As part of a full stack development building incredibly engaging User Interfaces can be challenging and this course will elevate your understanding on how to integrate visual technologies in React namely: Bootstrap, SASS & Animation .

Every great website needs a great user interface, and without one, your users will soon leave. The React stack is the perfect tool to create amazing modern dynamic interfaces, and this course will take you step-by-step through how to build them. You will learn the practical skills needed to make great interface components that incorporate other web development tools, such as Bootstrap 4alpha, SASS, and Animation.

This 3 hours and 16 minute course begins by ensuring you have a solid understanding of Bootstrap and JSX, so you can create React components that can automatically refresh, enabling fully dynamic interfaces. We then introduce ES6 into the mix, showing you how the latest web technologies can be used to make your user interfaces even better. Next, you will see how to integrate and componentize CSS into React using SASS, enabling you to style your components using web standard techniques. Finally, we will dive into animation, and you’ll understand states and events to create reactive user interface components.

Why is it important for you to master UI development as a ReactJS Developer?

One of the most complicated parts of building React Applications is its inherent nature that tries to keep things “simple”. This simplicity of concepting creates a real challenge when you try to use other modern tools such as Bootstrap, SASS or even simple animations. Through this course you will master the techniques you need to understand and empower your skills to integrate other technologies as well.

Why is it important for you to know how to integrate Visualizations into ReactJS?

React is really good at building components but inherently isn’t opinionated about the visualization layers and how to structure your site design. As bootstrap is an incredibly popular visualization tool and so is SASS we think it is important to get you to know how to work with them and how to integrate them into React. Companies that are searching for developers want to know their React Developers know how to work with visuals - it's incredibly important and one of the most important aspects when it comes to visual development as if you can’t connect React to Bootstrap, SASS or even animation you can find yourself at a disadvantage in front of others that do.

Why is animation such a hard concept when it comes to ReactJS?

ReactJS has gained most of its upsurge in popularity (and why so many companies are looking for reach developers) because ReactJS promise is a more simple development cycle and improve performance through working in a components mindset while not interacting directly with the DOM. This creates a real challenge when it comes to animation on the best ways to integrate animations without breaking this structured approach to development. In this course you will learn about the benefits of React and experience hands on its limits as we come up with solutions to address creative design needs and animation needs.

This very carefully modulated course will take you every step of the way through building modern user interface components using React. It is a thorough and methodical course, not skipping over technologies or assuming knowledge. It is also a very practical course, full of examples of the technologies used along the way. By the end of this course you will be armed with hands on real world ReactJS, ES6 and JSX experience as you learn how to integrate leading common visualization technologies namely : Bootstrap, SASS and Animation.

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An Adobe ACP and part of the Adobe pre-release members. Owner of and the author of the book HTML5 Graphing and Data Visualization. Award winning developer. Most of all a guy that really loves learning and teaching when ever he can. I hope you find my courses interesting and I really hope you enjoy them.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target learner?
You are a JavaScript Developer that wants to upgrade their skills to upgrade your pay or create even more amazing modern things. In the course we will not assume you know ES6,JSX nor REACTJS although they are not the main focus o the title as visualization is.
What is the courses learning goal?
Course learning goals: • Building User interfaces • Using Bootstrap 4.0 -alpha • Exploring SASS/SCSS • Animating in the constraints of React
What are the courses secondary learning goals?
Secondary learning goals: • Learning React (props, state, user interactions) • ES6/JSX • Hot Reloading
Are there any discounts to this course?
Yes, by getting this course as part of our 6 course Massive React bundle you can get over 50% off.

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