Mastering ReduxJS

Redux will change the way you think.

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Redux is probably the most amazing breakthrough in web development and will completely change your development skills to the next level. Redux in short is a very smart way to strip out your data and state from your application changing the way you develop by reducing programing complexity.

Chapter one showcases how react natively deals with stateful data and through it we will understand the limitations of trapping our data within our components. Chapter two will dive us into the world of redux and through it we will understand why the tool was created and how to use it. In chapter three we will go back into react and use the skills we developed in the previous chapters as we expand our skills in integrating stores into react. Our final chapter will be focused on how to organize your code to be the most efficient as we take a look at a few approaches as we explore the complimentary redux library react-redux developed for react users.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Reducers (~46min)

In this chapter we will create a react counter and start developing a Redux application. By the end of this chapter we will have a counter that is using the internal React states and a separate Redux counter mechanism.

Chapter 2: Rendering Redux Data with React (~34min)

It’s time to connect Redux with our React visual layer. In this chapter we will connect Redux and make our Redux store more complex by converting it into an array. In the process we will learn about why we can’t/shouldn’t change Redux stores directly and how do we make those changes.

Chapter 3: Making things more dynamic (~40min)

Now that we have the core fundations of Redux under our belt in this chapter we make our code more dynamic.

Chapter 4: Integrating React-Redux (~37min)

Our goal in this section is to improve the structure of our data by extracting out our Redux components as much as we can out of our components. In the end our code will look more readable and more portable then before.

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